Thursday, 9 May 2013

Inq28: A grenade launcher and a kilt...

Greetings one and all and first I simply have to say: 200 Followers! Good Lord. Seriously, three years ago when I started this I didn't think there would be half as many people interested in the random wurblings and paint daubs of a hairy bloke in Cardiff. You are all clearly people of impeccable taste, peerless intellect and I'll warrant devilishly handsome too.

But now, on to the real matter of the day, some painting! This chap was finished last week and is another in the line of Inq28 models I am doing.

This grizzled veteran is a member of Inquisitor Vandemar's warband, I talked about his construction in an older posts. He is a ex-guardsman demolitions expert and bombardier. His story will be up on the beard bunker before long. He's a professional looking soldier and so I wanted to keep his colour scheme subtle and subdued with one important exception:

The kilt! Tartan isn't easy to do but with patience and a determination to put every line properly into place you can get some really nice effects. Anyone from my family reading this miiight recognise the pattern:

Its the Duffy tartan, which I'd be entitled to wear from my maternal grandmother's side of the family. I thought I'd use it for this model as for almost every other tartan kilt on models they will have regimental tartans. This one didn't so I jumped at it!. Looking at the image above I'll talk you through the process I went through. First I applied a solid basecoat of Caliban Green. Look at the image, the white lines are the delineating feature of the pattern. As a result I painted the white lines first. Then darkened and lightened the appropriate squares. Yellow lines were painted next - sadly not the nice double line but I valued my sight - with green lines either side of them to cut them up. Its the constant crossing and cutting of the lines that is the crucial feature of tartan designs. If you have a clean line with no cuts on there then it will start to look odd and unreal.

As far as the rest of the model is concerned, the cloth was all Val Grey Green, the backpack and weapon sling Val English Uniform, shaded with Agrax Earthshade and highlighting with Val US Field Drab. This gave a pleasant canvas look. The grey-green gave his shirt and gaiters a very military look.

The autogun and it's underslung grenade launcher were given a very spare, utilitarian paint job. Simple green composite furniture and dulled metal fittings. Its got a nice military feel to it.

So there we go! Another in the line of Inq28 figures. I was going to publish him later in the week but 200 followers was too tempting to celebrate. Back to Flecktarn Imperial Guard now!



  1. Very nice. I love the tartan. The Victoria lamb model looks good.

  2. Great miniature, the underslung is a nice piece of kit, reminds me of the old Auxiliary Grenade Launcher from the RT era 'Guard list. The name and number on his backpack is a nice touch, adds a little extra touch of realism to him.

  3. Cracking character boyo. The tartan is a great effort.