Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Flecktarn Guard - it begins!

Hello folks, back to work again! Managed to get through the weekend with a bare minimum of injuries but there's a certain intensity to the fighting when you are all the enemies the players have to face! After taking tuesday to recover I'm back to work and finally getting a march on with the Flecktarn Imperial Guard commission.

I seem to have guessed right, a batch of five can be knocked out in a day's work whereas the mass-batching of such an involved scheme I was initially attempting would have resulted in blood running from my eyes! The colour scheme is the same as the original squad, but I've changed Vermin Brown for Val Flat Earth and Charadon Granite for Skavenblight Dinge as, well, they don't really exist anymore!

Something that is working very nicely are the variety of different backpacks the client has used. Gives them a nice soldierly air. Certainly, if I was to be doing an Imperial Guard force of my own again this sort of level of equipment and webbing would be what I was looking to achieve. I know that procedure is to dump heavy equipment somewhere fairly safe before an attack starts but it sort of "feels right" for soldiers to have equipment!

Much like the DKK project, I'm not going to be posting a picture here of every individual lot of five lasgun armed dudes that I finish. That would just be boring. They'll be going up on Today I've Mostly Been though and I'll do a group shot of them when all 45 of them are finished! Until then (or until I finish a drying time project)...


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