Monday, 20 May 2013

Flecktarn lasguns

Eyup folks, just a quickee today. Those of you who follow Today I've Mostly Been... (or indeed use our Twitter feed or Facebook page) will know that I've finished all the Flecktarn-garbed Imperial Guard. Still got the exciting specialists, command and characters to go but I thought I'd share this image of the progress so far:

They hang together quite nicely don't they? I still need to apply the white transfers to the shoulder pads for unit markings, but decided that I would do that in a mass batch and a haze of fumes from the decal fixing chemicals. You'll notice that they are made from a variety of componants from a wide variety of sources. The paint scheme helps them look uniform and the variety of parts give them an independent and varied tone.

There'll be more soon, the Flecktarn project ought to be finished this week with luck. As always, photos to follow!



  1. Looking good, Jeff, can't wait for the characters.

  2. Solid looking shocktroop feel. Very cool.

  3. Great work mate, they look really nice. I'm a big fan of the variety of lasguns on show. Have you considered photographing them against a black background? It might help show off the uniform a bit better.

    1. It looks a hell of a lot better on an individual basis. My camera is fine with one on one shots but panics if you ask it to lower the f-stop sufficiently to get a clean picture of a large group.

      One of these days...