Thursday, 16 May 2013

Inq28 - Ogryns and friends

Greetings shipmates! While I continue to plod on through the Flecktarn guard (45 lasguns should be finished by the end of the week) I've had time during the considerable drying times involved with so many heavy wash layers to finish a couple of lads...

First off the drawing board, so to speak, is Mung the Ogryn with his whacking great multi-laser. You can see details of his construction here and here. I'd decided that I wanted him to be very much a civilian Ogryn. Not some ex-guard serviceman but a genuine civilian. His backstory will be up on Beard Bunker eventually but for now, lets focus on painting!

One of the things with large figures like Ogryns is that the huge areas of skin need careful blending to avoid really harsh contrasts... Then you stick it under photographic lights and it strips through the thin blended layers. Grump. I assure you that the shading is far less stark on the actual model!

His backstory has him as a bouncer for a nightclub so I figured a band t-shirt and jeans would be the win image-wise. The band is Genejack which is a deeply oblique reference from Eisenhorn and refers to the 41st millenium equivelent of heavy metal: Pound. The denim was an enjoyable challenge to get right. It is a very specific colour, in this case Dark Reaper and Thunderhawk Blue mixed and shaded with black. There was no sculpted pockets of seams on the model so I added them just with paint effects. The trick is to supply contrast. A line of darkened basecoat to be the ridge of the seam or the fold of the pocket. Then a highlight along the lines of the pocket or either edge of the seam gives the three dimensional effect. I finally added a couple of very thin lines of Jokero Orange to the seams to be the classic orange stiching. You can barely see them but their presence says "denim" to the brain.

Like any good biker-syle bouncer Mung needed some tatts. A quick google search gave me a nice islander style faces to put on the left arm and just went for simple barbed wire on the other. Just like when painting stubble its important to both add some flesh tone into the tattoo colour. Once finished you can also glaze it with a few layer of appropriate flesh tone. This knocks the tatoo "under" the layer of skin and gives it the right tone.

To help keep Mung in line I finished off my Inquisitor's still unnamed Interrogator. This is his apprentice and a fairly new one. I wanted to show an operative in transition from the pampered nobleman that he was into a hard bitten Throne agent. Hence the powdered wig and scarlet waistcoat working alongside the tough brown leather coat, the very practical bionic with no aesthetic adjustments and that weapon! I've always loved the Tomb Kings Khopesh's, really nice sculpts and a superb weapon. They are evil designs intended to be used for hooking and tripping limbs and then transmitting a very severe blow due to that long curved edge maximising the force. I figured that this was a fairly recent acquisition and again has a stylish yet practical aire. Painting wise, he wasn't anything remarkable. Even the metalwork was just a mix of Val Liquid Copper and Rich Gold then glazed with Agrax Earthshade.

So with that we are done once more. I'm off late tomorrow to help my brother move house but should have the lasgun Fleckies finished first. See you next week folks.


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