Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sneaky little Skavenses (FoPVP)

Hello to you all! Today we've got another in our very occasional series called "Friends of PVP". This time it is the Skaven of Mark Sarton (Assistant Kogz over on the Beard Bunker). For those who are less aware of them, the Skaven are man-sized rat men with a meglomaniacal personality somewhere between Blofeld and Hitler.

The core of Mark's Skaven is very much the humble clanrat. He's a big believer in Skaven being the horde...

Yup, really hordes! This one is about 70 strong and normally has a warboss in it! Ouch.

The skavenslaves units include enslaved humans, goblins and orcs, its one of my favourite features of the army. The slaves of the Skaven should be all races! None can stand before the rodent master race!

Backing up all the Clanrats are some of the weapon teams that the Skaven are rightly feared for.

These Forgeworld wolf rats are an evil addition, lightning fast and durable enough to handle a unit twice their size they have acquired a justified level of apprehension in the Beard Bunker campaign.

The resin holds some lovely details including the brands on the hind quarters.

This is Voltik, the leader of the army and mad inventor providing the master plan. He's based on the Ikkit Claw model and uses his rules.

Skivvit Backbreaker provides some serious muscle and along with the massive static combat resolution that the horde provides is a tough customer to take out!

Then there is the first Warlock Engineer, called... Lucky Sh*twhiskers. Yup, Sh*twhiskers. Somehow it totally fits and has become my favourite character in Mark's army. He is kinda hapless and succeeds in spite of himself!

Slightly more destructive is Blevvy, he's another Warplock Engineer. Equipped with a doom rocket and capable of Skitterleaping into the ideal position to use it he can carve a massive hole in the opponant's lines.

Look out for more of Mark's Skaven on the Beard Bunker, until next time.


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