Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Brother Titans

I am more than a little excited to post this picture as it represents the end of nearly 2 months work:

Hooray! They are all kinds of done! With a bit of light weathering (the client didn't want them all war torn so just mucky from a fairly recent deployment) my work on the Legio Astorum comes to a close. That makes 2 knights (chas and dave apparantly) and a pair of warhound titans. Lets check out some pretty pictures:

Pyladii Alpha is armed with a titan killing turbo laser and one whacking great flamethrower. I posed it to be aiming its engine-slaughtering gun at roughly where the midsection of one of the larger titans that these lads hunt would be situated. The midsection is where the reactor is housed in the fluff y'see.

The titans are actually a little muckier than they look. The subtle dust weathering was rather cut through by the lights.

I wanted to talk for a moment to praise whoever designed this model for the feet. They are brilliant. Lots of fiddling to get them right but it means you can pose the feet however you want. I recommend building supporting the "sole" section of the foot at the angle you want it at before attaching the toes. In this case a roll of masking tape gave be the required height. I wanted to show Alpha placing its left foot down and is about to transfer its weight flattening the foot and taking the next stride. Beta is more extreme as we will see later.

You can just see the cabling attached to the turbo laser. These gave me one hell of a hassle this time around. All of the supplied cabling snapped while I tried to bend it. In the end I scavenged bin ends of the previous titan's cabling and managed to use those. Christ alone knows what was wrong with these ones. Maybe it was too blummin' cold in the workshop. Who knows?

While it is tough to see the dust weathering on the legs came out really, really nicely. I'm using a new - for me - system of enamel weathering paints from AK Interactive. I misted them on in layers with the airbrush until the dust had built up. A mix of Dust Effects and Kursk Earth (which as a 2000AD fan I kept reading as Cursed Earth) made a nice concrete dust effect to match the urban basing that I have done for all of this client's other models.

More AK effects give us the nice streaking grime under the brass edging. I'll do a tutorial on how this stuff works soon as I am pretty much competant now.

And finally, more AK stuff in the form of rust streaks run around the dome rivets and then 'stumped' with white spirits. Again, I'll talk more of these soon.

Beta is a bit more mucky, with more weathering powders used on the carapace. I've already shown lots of piccies of Beta before so I shall let this image of it's weathered state do it!

Finally, I played around with some photoshop trickery to accomodate another client request. For his titans to be actually stalking around some ruins:

I've done three, the other two are below. I'm not sure which I like best! What do you folks think?

So that is it, titans done! Next is finishing off the Purple Marines project in the form of six yes, you heard me, six predators and a few land speeders! Apparantly won't be the only titan commission though as there is another chap intrigued by the thought of a PVP titan of his very own. Until next time folks



  1. Also, I like the photo with both of them in it. Somehow having two sells it, probably because Alpha's half-obscured, which ties them into the background image even more.

  2. These look great mate, now do a Reaver and you'll have as many done as me!