Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Head-ing on with painting

Greetings folks, I'm back from a fairly long weekend with the Missus. But back I am and am finally making some serious HEADway with the warhound. Sorry, I'll stop that.

I finally figured out what the problem was with painting the second warhound. For some reason - I suspect temporary insanity - I forgot to stop batch painting the entire titan in one go after the steel and blue stage. I was trying to do the edging and details that way and seriously, that is a sure path to soul destroying drudgery! I decided to finish off Pyladii Alpha's head off and then I would have a sense of progress and accomplishment! A more important tip than I might have realised with large multi-element projects.

This warhound we're modelling buttoned up to preserve the internal componants for future Adeptus Mechanicus projects. As a result I needed to paint the eye windows. During this I was hit by the realisation that THIS would have made a far, far better example for the feathering YouTube tutorial than the lens I used! Doh! I guess I was avoiding using client models for tutorials (this makes no sense either as the axe for the rusting tutorial was a client model). Temporary insanity again, guess I needed that long weekend!

In order to let P. Alpha look a little different to its brother titan, I added the Adeptus Mechanicus cog & skull icon to the forehead. Just place it over the existing decoration, outline the edge with a pencil and then pare away the resin with a nice sharp blade. The icon then blends a little better with the current brass edging. Oh, and the skull was also a nice example for feathering. Darn it!

Anyway, with that I am back on track with Alpha, nifty torso section to follow shortly!


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