Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PVP YouTube II: The Revenge...

Greetings shipmates, today I'm presenting the second of PVP's YouTube tutorials:

Complete with snacky opening titles courtesy of one Dave Bridger, thanks fella! The subject today is feathering and its role in blending. This is something I have mentioned many times but have never been able to explain to my satisfaction in text. This film explains it and shows an example of its use.

Something I wanted to ask you all, is there an appetite for more basic tutorial videos? I see people selling the damn things in DVD form these days and was wondering if people wanted some free ones? Given that you can get this level of tutorial for free in any GW of your choice it irks me a little that people are charging for this. Granted, there are Golden Demon painters out there making movies explaining their techniques. They could be worth the money, I wouldn't know!

Remembering the days when teaching painting used to be part of my job the basic topics (all about ten minutes or so) that immediately spring to mind are:

Brush selection; care & cleaning
Elementary shading and highlighting
Handling miniature skin
Effective drybrushing
Blending and feathering (done!)

If people want videos on this stuff then go ahead and ask. In fact, if there is anything you are curious about with the stuff that I do then ask away. If I can see a way to make it into a sub-fifteen minute tutorial (I will not allow YouTube to make money from me with poorly targeted invasive advertising) then I will make it! 

Those who follow my progress on either facebook, twitter or the tumblr feed that generates the other two will know that progress on the titan is rocking along. More updates in the near future, until then


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