Monday, 3 September 2012

So then that happened...

Hiya folks, well, the last 10 days have been something of a whirlwind and not a lot of work/hobby has been achieved!

Lets see, 10 days ago I noticed that a curtain tie back thing had fallen out and pushed it back into the wall, cue huge orange flash and all the power goes dead. Turns out I had pushed a solid metal item into a mains cable that some numpty had drilled into when fitting the tie back. The only thing that stopped me being rather crisply electrocuted was a modern RCD fitted to the fuse box. So in a state of some agitation I phone my landlady and while on the phone learn that the lease on the flat we have been living in for all of 12 weeks will not be extended past November. She has to sell it. So as you can imagine the wheels really came off for a few days!

So we were back into house hunting mode and to our astonishment the perfect place turns up the very same week. We've got the initial proceedures started and will be moving in a month or so. Again. So what does this mean for PVP? Well, I won't be taking ANY new commissions until further notice. I'll be trying to work on what I currently have in stock but I have to box up a flaming house having only just unpacked it. I therefore can't make any promises regarding progress in the next 4-6 weeks. However, when we are moved I will have even more space and light in my studio and will be even closer to the coffee maker so rapid progress is assured (or I'll become a hummingbird after a gallon or so of java juice).

I'll try to keep a flow of updates to the site but they'll mostly be single figures would be my guess. I'll thank you all in advance for your continued support and patience through this second house move in a quarter! Until next time folks.


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  1. Well, counting blessings; you wern't zapped, another place has come along at the right time, you will be closer to the coffee maker and progress will, eventually, be resumed. All sounds good.