Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Paint it Pink (for charity)

Greetings all, seems like the muse is well and truly with me once more as output seems to be pretty constant! So what is on the table today?

 Now, I know what you are thinking... that's a bit different from my usual output. And you'd be correct, but it's for a very good cause:

The idea behind the Paint the City Pink campaign is nice and simple. A combination painting competition and charity auction. All the entries are auctioned to make money for cancer research and before they go they are judged and the winners get prizes donated by corporate sponser. In this case Pulp City are providing most of the prizes so most of the extra money they are getting from the theme is going right back in to the contest! The only real caveat is that the model must be a "superhero or supervillain" which has a fair degree of wriggle room and it must feature pink pretty heavily!

The model I chose is Pulp City's Foxxy Blade who has a nice Electra feel to her. You can imagine her being the martial arts vigilante rather than the "leap tall buildings" type of hero. I reasoned that the dark skin against the pink would look stunning. Speaking of the pink, as everything else on this model counts as details I'd better talk about how I did it huh?

Pink used to be one of those tricky colours, not anymore. From a white undercoat I basecoated her in a nice thin layer of Screamer Pink base paint. This was then followed up with a coat of Pink Horror that essentially covered everything but the very deepest recesses. I then highlighted up, first with a half and half mix of Pink Horror and Emperor's Children, then with pure Emperor's Children and finally with Emperor's Children with a dash of white thrown in. I then took a deep breath and glazed the whole thing down with Carroburg Crimson to return some depth to the colour. Rehighlighting with the same mixes left me just needing to add the catchlights. I wanted the catsuit to look PVC so after a bit of research on the internet - a hard job to be sure - I found a model in approximately the same pose and copied the hard white highlights onto the Foxxy Brown miniature. A dash of gloss varnish sealed the deal.

Adding the white heels, belt and alice band helped to break up the pink. The skin was simply a Dryad Bark basecoat highlighted by adding increasing amounts of Kislev Flesh and then washed with Agrax Earthshade to finish off. Simplicity itself, now if only more manufacturers would give us a little ethnic diversity in sculpting and get over the fear of having anyone non-caucasian on the "bad guys" side then we can all figure out nifty ways to paint different skin tones. Ahem, packing away my soap box now. To finish her off I attached her to one of Black Cat Bases urban pavement offerings as I felt the flat, desaturated tones would compliment her nicely. Well, she will be carefully packed and shipped off to Cornwall soon so that some lucky supporter can win her and support cancer research in the process. Until next time folks.


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