Friday 21 September 2012

Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus

Greetings all, you wait for ages for a post then three come at once right? Today it is a drying time project in the form of the limited edition Dark Vengeance Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus.

Who's a pretty boy then? You like? Then you can have him! I'm putting this expertly painted, limited edition model up on ebay with a reserve of just a tenner. Hopefully it'll make more than that! Why am I doing this? Well, two reasons really, one, there are already one too many characters in the Dark Angels force to make it a legal allied army and that's what I'm using the Dark Vengeance lads as. Two, I really was a bit naughty in buying the Dark Vengeance set and justified it to myself that I would sell the limited edition model to offset the cost!

But enough sales pitch, let's talk painting! First, I would like to introduce you to one of my new favourite paints: Thunderhawk Blue. Adding this to black creates a lovely, lovely black highlight tone. Simply overhighlight to a nice blue grey than apply a couple of coats of Nuln Oil. Luvverly. I also used Thunderhawk Blue on the incense from the burners on the backpack, as a result it subtly matched to the armour highlights and reduced its impact.

Sometimes I hate our background writers, fitting Seraphicus onto a scroll that small was not easy, took three tries.

The cloak, weirdly, is my least favourite part. I really don't like sculpted details on flowing cloth. Looks like either clumsy applique or some odd solid thing hanging from the fabric. The small bits aren't so bad and the script on the inside is nice enough but that hugenormous Dark Angels icon is just a bit daft.

I do, however, love that skull icon on the shoulder pad. Brilliant sculpt. I didn't pay much attention to how I painted the bone and green I'm afraid so I can't give you a blow by blow. I'll look into doing tutorials on the Dark Angels tactical marines and the Deathwing Terminators when I get around to them!

If you want my Seraphicus then follow this link:

And good luck with the bidding. Until next time folks.


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