Thursday, 20 September 2012

Knight Paladin Datasheet

Hi folks, in response to a comment on yesterdays post from Mordian7th I had a look around for Knight datasheets. Frankly I was underwhelmed by the offerings that I found immediately so I resolved to create my own! So here it is:

If you prefer a printable pdf you can find it here. Feel free to distribute this as you will but credit the author ok? :)

I've tried to make the datasheet feel right with the backstory. The Knight Paladin was the most obvious candidate for the design of the model hence its designation. The knights didn't have fancy voids so the Ork power fields are being used and the model has that hugenormous shield that I figured was for a purpose! Let me know what you think. I totally guestimated the points so if through playtesting people find the number is wrong let me know and I'll consider adjusting the datasheet. Until then, good hunting, knights!


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