Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Squats! (Hasslefree Grymn actually)

Greetings all, and finally some hobby content! As usual after an extended break from painting I prefer to warm up with something straightforward. In this case the happy coincidence of being commissioned as one of Hasslefree Miniatures paint slaves and having some of their Grymn (known to you and I as old-school Squats!) as a first job.

These are wonderful little models, like all Hasslefree models that I have painted they have clean lines and neat details and are a joy to paint. I decided to paint them in a scheme reminiscent of modern soldiers with a little bit of Mass Effect stylings thrown in.

The paint scheme starts with a solid basecoat of Vallejo English Uniform over the entire model. This is then shaded with thinned Devlan Mud and highlighted with a mix of English Uniform and Kommando Khaki. Next I picked out the armour plates in Vallejo Iraqi Sand, this needed a couple of coats to get a nice clean colour. Visors were painted with Mithril Silver and then thinned inks were used to create a reflective finish. Blue for the sky, a mix of Brown and Yellow inks for the desert sand. Badab Black for the guns. I then rehighlighted with Mithril Silver to dilute the intensity of the ink colour.

The armour plates were then lined in with Devlan Mud and highlighted with a mix of Iraqi Sand and Pale Sand. The leather areas were my now familiar Vallejo Leather Brown shaded with Devlan Mud and highlighted by adding a little Bleached Bone. The guns are Vallejo Blue Grey and the pouches are Grey Green. This all created the modern military look that I was after. A thin line of red along some of the gun furnitures gave the futuristic Mass Effect stylings to the weaponry.

All in all I am delighted with how these turned out, they are splendid sculpts and a lovely re-working of the classic Squat look. I should be painting their entire Grymn range and look forward to finding some way to make an army out of them! Suggestions? Anyway, that's all for this update, my current schedule has me working 3 days out of 5 on client work and 2 days on what I call "Industry" work, painting for miniature companies. As a result I have a few half finished projects ready to finish off and show to the world. They'll have to wait a few days though as tomorrow I shall be away to Warhammer World with the Beard Bunker lads for our annual Nerd Thunder event. Pictures shall follow! Until then...


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  1. Very cool! I've had my eye on the Grymm models for some time now and I'm loving how yours have turned out - great work!