Thursday, 24 May 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday! (Oh, and we're back!)

Greetings all of you wonderful people. After a fortnight in the hellish wilderness of the land of Nointernetconnection I am finally back in the 21st century. To my considerable surprise this has also coincided with Pirate Viking Painting's second birthday!

Two years have certainly snuck up on me, the third year will be very, very different to what has gone before. From working on a folding table in a mate's living room to my own house with it's own purpose built painting area (!). Don't worry, pictures to follow. But talking about differences, what a difference between the first birthday and this. Last year I was wildly excited to have found 6123 unique visitors to the blog. Today that number stands at (drum roll please Mulder) 21,003! TWENTY ONE thousand of you generating 46,405 hits! Good lord, that's a lot for a random bloke in Cardiff painting goblins. You are all people of magnificent taste. Clearly.

We have quite a lot to do before we are fully back, I guestimate next Friday. But then there will be pictures and tutorials and news and all sorts. Until then...


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  1. Congrats on it, and looking forward to seeing the new dedicated painting area!