Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Behold the Black Crusade!

Some of you may remember the Storm Wardens charity project from last year. It was a great event combining the talents of painters from all over the wargaming Blogosphere to create an army and then auction it for charity. Well, it's back in a new form, behold the Black Crusade!

The most exciting part, for me at any rate, is that I am part of it this year! I'm painting a squad of Death Guard terminators for the project and have decided to up the ante. Remember these?

This army is sold, you can't have it anymore!

Yup, I am donating a portion of the sale to the Crusade. So in addition to the kick ass army you get 100 chances to win ANOTHER kick ass army! Huzzah huh? Anyway, this cannot be any more first come first served as I only have the one of these, so if you want in get in quickly! Until next time folks, 


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