Thursday, 14 June 2012

Apocalypse! - Nerd Thunder 3

There is a companion article here which tells the whole story!

Every year for the past three years, the Beard Bunker boys (Charlie, Mark, Maisey and I) go up to Warhammer World in Nottingham and have a really BIG game. This isn't your normal Apocalypse either. Every single model has to be painted, the game needs to have a theme and a narrative scenario and the table needs to be one of the best. Hence Warhammer World. Here, for your delification and delight is the 8,500 point a side first battle of Hellsreach Hive:

As my Blood Angels were combat dropping in on the second turn I had the opportunity to take a team photo of the whole 4000 points of them!

To boost the awesome Warhammer World scenery we brought along the beard bunker Mek's Workshop scenery.

A model's eye view of the business end of a Vindicator tank!

Maisey's White Hands marines awaiting deployment

The centre of the awesome 12'x6' Hellsreach Bridge scenery, the cracked river bed is apparantly made by spreading plaster on muslin and then flexing it to create the Wadi

White Hands assault troops

White Hand deployment, we were playing that the Blood Angels were answering an overrun distress call from the White Hands.

The remaining Red Shirts Imperial Guard huddle in the ruins with the last of the air support

The Amaranthean "Red Shirts" taking position. We were delighted how closely our basing matched the table. Really made the game look awesome.

The Deathskulls amass to destroy the Red Shirts

Go, go Lootafex!

Blood Angels reinforcements arrive, on the wrong side of the bridge!

The table in all its glory, it is huge!

Blood Angel reinforcements hammer down to engage the Bad Moons

Blood Angels terminators valiently - but unfortunately unsuccessfully - attempt to stall the Meganobz

Vehicular carnage was very much the order of the day. We envisioned a pall of thick oily smoke hanging over the table.

A devastating wave of Bad Moon reinforcements thunder into the Blood Angels

What happens when the Imperial Guard meet Orks in Close Combat.

DEATH OR GLORY! Sadly... death. A White Hands Dreadnought is smashed by the Battlewagon.

The killing blow for the marines, 2000 points of extra Speed Freaks rumble on to the board.

Speed Freaks battlewagon smashes through the ruins.

There were lots more photos but those were the best ones for general consumption. Charlie will be writing the battle up as a report for the Beard Bunker so I will leave the details to him! I will be doing a Sights of Warhammer World post soon with pictures of some of the best tables at Warhammer World. Until then:



  1. Beautiful! Looks like the game was a blast - I had an opportunity to cross the pond and play a game at WHW earlier this year, can't wait to go back!

  2. Great stuff! I do love going to WHW, these pictures kind of point towards why. That table looks epic and it is awesome to see some well painted armies on them, and fully painted armies.

  3. Apocalypse scale battles over great terrain and featuring excellently painted armies, Warhammer doesn't get much better than this!

  4. Hey congrats on getting onto the GW blog today: