Friday, 15 June 2012

Gaming Table Showcase

Last time I showed you our best shots of the game we played. The table was awesome and it was far, far from the only awesome table there. Today therefore I show you what were - in my opinion - the best tables at Warhammer World.

Tau jungle table, huge!
The water looks awesome. I'd have drabbed down the foliage with matt varnish but that is a minor gripe.
Love this combination of large Bastion and Skyshield, the blending of the colour into the board makes it wonderful too.
From the same table, this warhound wreck looked awesome, where else will you find £245 scatter terrain?
This Osgiliath suburbs table was made from cast plaster and a realm of battle. The buildings were great.
This Khemri table didn't photograph as well as I had hoped. Subtle changes in tone make a splendid monochrome gaming table.
Chaos Wastes table with tortured ground formed into massive skulls.
The huge astronomers tower, deathknell watch and witchfate tor mash-up from the Chaos Wastes table.
Charlie correctly pointed out that the massive city table needed some more details to make it feel "lived in" but the sheer scale of the thing was awesome.
For me though the broad-strokes ideas were inspirational. Just a couple of plates from the Shrine of the Aquilla kit made an Imperium-scale gateway. Worked too as you can see from the scratches.
Another Skyshield mashup. Mine is already together but I really feel that if I do another it will be built into a larger structure.
My favourite element of the city table. This bridge is so simple but so effective. Then there is the cathedral behind it, immense!
While I will never have the resources or space to make these sorts of tables (heck, it's why we go to Nottingham for Nerd Thunder events) the inspiration that seeing something like that and then adapting it for a smaller scale is worth the trip alone.

Next time we will be back to my painting but until then...



  1. OMG. Those tables are INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Jeff, You missed out my favourite one - The understated but beautifully made Warhammer village

    1. Now, see, had you brought batteries for your camera rather than relying on waaargh energy you'd have avoided that problem! ;)

  3. i remember the tau one from last years GD brilliant table :D