Friday, 1 July 2011

Come with us if you want to live...

Welcome one and all to another Blood Angels update, this time (as the slightly oblique title references) it is the turn of the Terminators:

These are the real badasses of the Space Marines, veterans all and clad in armour that makes normal power armour look a touch wimpy. I have always loved terminators, mainly because of the face:

There is just something about that mask that I adore. Can't pin it down really. Combine that with the existance of Forgeworld's awesome modelled Blood Angel shoulder pads and I couldn't really say no. I went to town on the red on these chaps, even going back and rehighlighting key areas to draw attention to the face. Aside from this the main areas that I had fun with were those shoulder pads, check them out:

The detail is so delicate and crisp, oh and yes, that is the vitruvian man on the cloth. Might have gotten a touch excited.

One of the advantages of using resin for these "aftermarket" parts is there is no undercut problem. The molds are flexible and so allow nice organic details like the scroll above to be cast cleanly.

There are also some nods to classic space marine iconography (I have just noticed that elbow joint, argh, cleanup on aisle three!) with things like that gold marksman's badge hanging from the shoulder. Oh and this fellow needs it too because he is toting:

That! The assault cannon is a charmingly lunatic weapon for the terminators, a super minigun that any normal warrior would fly through a wall if they tried to fire it. Only the bulk of the terminator armour grants this chap the ability to fire such a colossal firearm.

One other really nice thing about those pads is the small amounts of battle damage that just give them a feeling of age and wear. I decided to paint these as though they were old damage and repainted. By contrast:

The powerfists needed to feel recently scarred and battered. These are weapons that are designed to punch through tank armour plating so paint is pretty much on a hiding to nothing. I wanted the fists to look like they had been looked after but the first combat of the battle had torn them up again.

Well that is it for today. Just 2 land speeders, 2 sanguinary priests and three half-painted drop pods stand between me and 4000 points of Blood Angels. Very excited. Until next time:


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