Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Drop Pods (at last!)

Greetings all. Given my usual pace at painting vehicles I confidently predicted - not so long ago - that I would have three drop pods painted and ready to go in no time. A hollow laugh rings around the room... a week later, I have one drop pod finished. So here it is!

I added a spare Baal Predator Icon to the outside to give it a bit more Blood Angel character. Painting started with layers of Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal and Chainmail applied followed by Badab Black. Over this went the first couple of layers of my Blood Angels red scheme. I stopped at Blood Red though as the heavy weathering would cover all the top level highlighting.

The interior was handled in the same way with Iyanden Darksun and Black hazard lines run down the internal door surfaces. These are tedious but fairly easy for Drop Pods, just measure and mark off half centimetre check marks all along both sides of the stripe. Connect them diagonally with a thin brush and black paint, fill in alternating stripes and you are done. A radar display in the centre of the column finished off the look.

Lastly came heavy weathering to indicate the drop pods mode of entry to the battlefield (for those that don't know a drop pod is kind of like the old Apollo and Soyuz re-entry capsules from the 70's. A heat resistant capsule that plummets out of orbit and then uses retro jets to slow down the capsule before impact). All the weathering was achieved by damp overbrushing in streaks starting at the base and pulling upwards. Graveyard Earth was liberally applied followed by Bestial Brown, Scorched Brown and Chaos Black in ever decreasing amounts. The same colours were stippled on the base to indicate the burning. I debated making the interior dirty but then decided that the crew would have sealed them in on the orbiting starship - so clean - and then the impact would have billowed the dust outward rather than in. Clean it is then!

Thankfully the remaining two drop pods have no interior fixings as they have been assembled to be dreadnought pods. Much simpler to paint. I hope!


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  1. Great job mate, I really like the heat discolouration on the bottom sections.

    I reckon a week is pretty good going for one drop pod, that would have taken me at least two weeks!