Thursday, 21 July 2011

We're gonna need a bigger strait jacket....

Hey folks, been a manic week here at PVP HQ but I have been able to squeeze in a quick figure, a Death Company Dreadnought:

Remember these lunatics? Well, just as regular Blood Angels can turn crazy and need to be destroyed in the white hot fires of combat so can their Dreadnoughts. Oops. This fellow is one such lunatic, as a result his compassionate bretheren tool him up with lethal close combat weapons and hurl him at the enemy hoping that eventually some of them will take him out and save them the task!

I deliberately kept the paint scheme very simple, I don't intend to use this chap all the time (in truth, there was a dreadnought shaped space in the figure case. I had the spare parts from the Furioso and an old dreadnought lying around and one thing led to another...) so didn't want to spend ages on him. I wanted the red saltires to be the focus of attention and wrapped them around the shoulder plates to help him look his best from any angle. I also refined my black painting method mentioned in the Chaplain article by adding a few drops of black ink to the Badab Black wash to intensify the colour and help avoid the greying effect of the drybrushing. I am really considering a quick black Space Marine army just because this technique is so very fast.

A view that Games Workshop don't show of this kit. I can't understand why?! The detailing on the Magna Grapple is cool! It's got little wheels to guide the cable, cable reels to store the tethers and the grapples themselves are pretty cool too.

Well, that is it for this post, for those keeping track there are only two models left to paint for my 4000 points of Blood Angels, another Sanguinary Priest and the last Drop Pod. I am really going to have to nail down what the next big project for me will be. Might have to do some "gang sized" projects to cool down from the 4000 point paint fest that the Blood Angels have been. Until next time everyone


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