Sunday, 8 May 2011

WIP Death Korp Quartermaster

Well, it has been one of those weeks! Everything on my painting table is half done and thus not suited for photography. That pesky RealWorld stuff keeps being in the way and I go on holiday next week! So, in order not to go completely dark for a fortnight I am posting a Work In Progress shot of one of the creepiest figures in Warhammer 40,000. The DKK Quartermasters "medical" servitor:

Now, isn't he lovely. So comforting as a doctor... Thinking about the Death Korps proclivities I figure he is more of a recycling technician rather than a medic. Retrieving viable organs from the mostly dead to keep the more valuable soldiers alive. Shudder. Wait till you see the whole tableaux next time. Really, really creepy.

To emphasise the creepy vibe I painted the front of his smock/robe as though it was transparent green plastic, as though disposable scrubs. This is a technique I had seen done with silks and satins (mostly on buxom wench models for some reason...) and wanted to have a go. Turns out it is fairly easy, you just basecoat in the garment colour and then highlight by adding the colour of the layer below. In this case Orkhide Shade base with increasing amounts of Khemri Brown added. A quick hit of gloss varnish later and it was distressingly plausible. I also deliberately painted the face (see insert) to look shifty, staring off to the left rather than focussed forward. The skin is also highlighted with nothing but fortress grey to give a bloodless feel.

From behind you can see the workings of the arms and also the green oxygen tank and reserve blood vial. The oil on the cogs is simply Brown Ink mixed with gloss varnish and thinned a little.

Anyway, that's it for now, I am off on me hols. See you some time after the 16th. For now, why not check out my sister site Pirate Viking Props for some 1:1 scale gribbly stuff. Hope you all have a lovely week. I shall!



  1. You've got style!

  2. really great work there, this doc looks creepy as a haemonculus.

  3. Thank you indeedy Musings of a Smurf and I totally agree Kash, dude is creepy...