Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

A very happy Easter to all our readers!

The slightly disturbing fellow above is a Scibor Miniatures model from their frankly weird collection of Dwarf and Goblin dioramas. I recieved it as a leaving present from a very pleasant chap called Sam and hadn't gotten around to painting it. Then, with Easter approaching I felt it was only appropriate to celebrate with a really odd model!

The yellow was the test bed for the new method that I have been talking about lately (Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow as a basecoat, Gryphonne Sepia as a shade, Iyanden/Golden plus increasing levels of white as a highlight, glaze with Yellow Ink).

Rather than paint the goblin as if he was hiding in a chocolate egg I thought I would have him somehow in a real egg. Hard to tell but there are stringy ropes of yellowish PVA with a gloss varnish coat to represent the gooey contents of his hiding place. Anyhow, hope everyone is relaxing where ever you may reside.



  1. That is a bit disturbing but awesome at the same time... but I really like the yellow and the egg looks very realistic awesome job.