Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Birthday Pirate Viking Painting!

Well would you Adam & Eve it? Pirate Viking Painting is 1 year old today! All together now: "Happy Birthday to yoooou...."

A year ago I started this blog as a means of communicating with what I thought would be occasional clients and with friends spread across Britain. I certainly wasn't expecting the response and readership that has developed. 6123 visitors (actually lets say that a bit slower, six THOUSAND, one hundred and twenty three visitors) from 71 countries around the globe generating 14,812 hits. That is a touch more of you than I was expecting to be honest! All the interest and the kind responses of the community at large - and particularly the 66 (so far) of you that deemed me worthy to follow - spurred me into seeing this as a business rather than just a lifestyle. I've got big plans for the future so stay tuned! Oh, and I think we need some kind of follower raffle prize once we hit 100 followers.

So what has this year brought me? Well, I have learned a tremendous amount. Take a look back at the first posts on this site and compare the quality of work to some of my more recent efforts. That is what near as damnit 300 days solid practice will bring. Over the year I have learned miniature photography - although still a way to go - figured out that I really enjoy commission painting (not always a given, just ask some ex-commission painters) and that making creative stuff for a living is the best thing in the world. I've painted 291 figures this year (hadn't realised that many!) and intend to do more than that this year now I've got my discipline down.

In addition to painting minis I am also writing rulebooks and making gribbly theatrical props these days. More on the rules front closer to 2012 but you can see some of my gribblyness over at Pirate Viking Props. All that remains is to thank all of you warmly for reading my humble missives and to make deeply appreciative noises for all the help, advice and promotion that the community has afforded me. You are all wonderous people and deserve the best luck in the world. I hope to keep you all interested as PVP goes from strength to strength and expands it's repertoire. Till then, charge your glasses, toast the birthday blog and...



  1. Well done JT

  2. wow, one year really did speed past. Your has to be one of if not my favourite blog, always full of hints, tips and more importantly, hobby awesomeness!