Thursday, 7 July 2016


Yep, it's More Orks today, kind of a quick one as there's only a couple:

Today, we have an Ork Mek and the Nob that will be leading a nice squad of Bad Moon lads (to come, we're spacing out the work to make it match up with client finances).

This was the first time I had gotten my hands on one of the new meks and I was fairly pleased. There's lots of crunchy details all over him and the circular saw arm is lots of fun. He got painted in the same scheme as the previous bad moons along with a filthy, oily apron. I then went through and picked out the many, many little details. Fun chap to paint.

The nob, well, once you've painted as many as I have of these they're rather much of a muchness! I decided to do the horns the way real bull horns are rather than the usual dark at helmet, light at ends that miniature painting normally uses. I think this looks waaay better.

Like I say, a quick one for today. More soon!



  1. Ah, I see what you mean about the horns. You're right.

  2. Fabulous painting. I really like the tones you've achieved on the skin, & all that rusty metal. The mustard yellow is very nice too.

  3. Great yellows. Really pop against the darker green tones you've done!