Friday, 22 July 2016

Grubby, grubby mechanics

Greetings and salutations folks, quick one for you today. A trio of grubby mechanic types from Blight Wheel Miniatures:

You may remember "Tank Spanner Girl", well, these three are companion pieces to her. Marginally less grubby, but well used all the same. I quite liked the sculpts, proportions are a bit off here and there but the design accents are really nice. I especially like the crenellated edges on the garments. Gave them a real "medieval sci-fi" look and fit in nicely with the mechanicus cog wheel imagery.

Painting wise they're not much to talk about. As part of the Khaki crowd they're just, well, shades of brown. I did my usual trick of adding a little German Camo Black-Brown to the metalwork basecoat when I want metal to look well used and rugged. The grime is just black soot weathering powder worked in to enamel Engine Oil weathering paint. The whole effect is then softened by "stumping" with odourless turps to make the stains "sink in" to the fabric rather than visually sitting on the top. Like I say, not much to say on the painting front. But fun!

More shinies soon



  1. Very nice. I really like the 'realistic' colour scheme you have used on these.