Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hasslefree Gunslinger

Greetings! There are times where commission painting is a real boon. I've really liked this model for a long time but haven't ever had a reason to get one. Today though? I got to paint one, a Hasslefree "Ryan" masquerading as a gunslinger for the client's Inq28 warband.

Seriously, this model is awesome. The sculpting - like a lot of Kev's recent work - is dynamic, the weight distribution is great and most of all, it works from every single angle. No, really:

Just like the Ratling pilot from a few weeks ago this works all the way round. By the way, now I know how to do animated gifs? Expect a few more 360's... But now, painting!

This chap is to go with the warband that started with the kneeling chap from this post. Thus he needed the green with tiny yellow accents. As the kneeling chap had a military green fatigue suit, I figured that I would carry over the olive drab too. Thus all the tactical webbing went a nice desaturated olive green. Ended up lovely. Skin tone was Dwartist's Burnt Umber/Beige Brown mix that I just love having the opportunity to break out. More people not sculpted as caucasians please sculptors! I like the variety!

That's all for today folks, more soon!