Saturday, 25 June 2016

Grey Knights and Space Wolves for sale!

Yup, like Oliver Twist it's "Boy for Sale" time. Having conducted something of a hobby review recently I've realised that there are a few projects that I'm never, ever going to get around to starting let alone finishing. So I want them to go to someone who will enjoy them. You lovely people. Of course, I also want to liberate some funds in order to buy stuff that I DO want to use. So without further ado I present lot one: Grey Knights These are now sold:

This is a mix of fully painted work (seen here, here and here). And a few unpainted/unfinished squads shown below:


Altogether it forms this army which in the old book was a rather tidy 1k allied friendly force:

This army would be £153.50 to buy new off the shelf and I've added painting that I would cost at around £110 (not including the half finished dreadnought). So there's a lot of value there. What I would like is 50% of retail for the unfinished stuff and just straight retail for the fully painted stuff to account for at least some of the time and effort there. That works out at £106.50 but I think that isn't quite enough discount, so I'll let the lot go for £90, I just want people to have nice things and for me to get something for new nice things. You also get some lovely KR foam free to keep them safe on their journey to you.

So to summarise: £153.50 for £90. I'll post anywhere in the world but you pay for tracked postage.

Grey Knights are sold,

Onwards to lot two: Space Wolves: Sold


This lot is entirely new on sprue. It consists of a Krom Dragongaze, a Games Day Wolf Priest, a regular devastator squad (5 strong intended to be "wolfed" with spares), one set of wolf guard terminator sprues (5 terminators) and eight sets of space wolf sprues (40 space wolves).

It's a solid core to a new force or a handy upgrade to an army already in progress. I've got bases for all of it but they're the old 25mm ones so let me know if you're planning a base size upgrade to the new size ones and I'll leave them out. Now, retail this would cost £125 (assuming you've been smart and bought the wolves as the 10 strong boxes and not the more expensive 5 man wolf guard box with identical sprues and that the GD wolf priest was about a tenner). I'm willing to let this essentially brand new army go for £75. Yep. That's 60% retail including the unavailable wolf priest. Again, I just want a bit back for re-investment and for someone to get nice things cheap.

So to summarise: £125 for £75. I'll post anywhere in the world but you pay for tracked postage.

All sold now. Thanks to both.

That's all folks, there will be shinies here again very soon but a cocktail of real world nonsense, non-wargaming commissions and trouble with a camera battery charger (replacement en route) has rather dented blog efficiency this month. Will be fixing that very soon. All the best.



  1. I'll take the Grey Knights of your hands.

    1. *off your hands! I've emailed you at the PVP email. Cheers.

    2. Siph you bugger ! Grrrr......

    3. ...sorry fella, these will soothe the hobby butterfly for a while :)

  2. Those painted Grey Knights are lovely!

    1. thanks Dean. I will be doing some more, but just a single squad of Terminators (paladins really) as they are how I really see Grey Knights, not as an army, but as a series of teams. Having painted the Nathaniel Garro recently I had a feeling I might prefer that kind of "unpainted" rather than "polished" vibe to the Grey Knights. More weight and heft.

  3. Space Puppies please Jeff. I'll email....