Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Small changes, Big difference

Hi folks, another in the series of Inq28 commissions, in this case a pair of enforcers and their cyber-mastiffs. But this has given me the chance to show how by making the smallest of changes and altering the colour scheme changes the character of a model completely. Lets check out the enforcers first:

So, first and foremost, the pose is obviously the same, only the head and one little bit of Inquisition brass etch are different. Their character though is very different. The top one, with the bold red and bare steel with brass decorations, is very bombastically Imperial. Almost Vostroyan in styling. The second one, with the camo and the coloured ceramic armour plates presents a more understated and sneaky vibe. The top one feels like a palace guard, the bottom, an infiltrator. So by doing this one simple thing you get a very different model. In fact these are the second and third of these models that I've painted and the first was yet another scheme:

You can find more views of him here. Now, if I was to try and make them look really different, I'd swap the weapons out on the second one. But given that they'll be in different warbands it won't matter over-much. They won't be alone though, for they have their faithful hounds:

From reference material found online, I painted the top dog (belonging to the red guy) as an English mastiff, the bottom one, a French. As with all things animal references are key. Something I am really happy with are the glowing red eyes. Tiny pinpricks of light. I did this by painting the eyes white followed by a coat of Val Fluorescent Orange and a glaze of red ink. Created a nice sharp, bright eye and made the dogs look even more artificial. Just a dog skin stretched and stapled around a Jame Cameron terminator-style skeletal structure.

That's all for today, more coming soon. Including, believe it or not, a drunken Macaque, not even kidding...


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