Thursday, 24 April 2014

Inq28 - The Bonkers Brigade

Greetings shipmates, even more stuff from the Inq28 commission today (perhaps I should just bunch these together? Somehow it just feels more natural to post what I have finished). Today's offering is the first of a warband that I am referring to mentally as the Bonkers Brigade. You'll see why as it grows.

Yep, that's a plague doctor with a flaming torch, a pirate and a drunken Macaque... Bonkers Brigade. Wait till you see the Inquisitor... Anyway, lets start with the simplest paint job, the Brother Vinni Plague Doctor:

Not much to say about this one, normal red and my current favourite German Grey black. The mask is Val Stone Grey with an Agrax Earthshade wash. The flame is worth mentioning, I figured out a new way of painting them working on a molotov cocktail on some Bolt Action Soviets I'm working on. While this isn't a terribly well sculpted example of flames the effect has photographed nicely. Essentially it's those fluorescent paints of Vallejo's again. Paint the flame white, next a layer of Val Fluorescent Yellow, then build up highlights oddly by darkening the colour toward the outer edges of the flame. Mix increasing amounts of Val Fluorescent Orange to darken it down. On bigger flames you can take it all the way to red and even smears of black to indicate smoke.

I then used some glazes of yellow and orange to tint the clothing around the flame. Difficult to see on the photograph as subtle glazes get eaten by the lamps. I could have used much more direct object source lighting but that would have made the model look like it was in the dark lit only by the torch. I wanted him in the sunlight and thus the light wouldn't impact as strongly.

Next up is a Freebooter's Fate pirate from their Indiegogo campaign (I believe). Nice enough sculpt but suffering a little from "sexy impractical syndrome". Given that the warband is mostly red (it includes the red enforcer from the previous post) I figured a red coat was the way forward. In order to make the torn fabric at the shoulder (thus exposing more skin with no sign of injury, what was she, careless going through a door?) stand out the coat needed some lining. We don't want the lining to glow out of the model and confuse the scheme. Stone Grey was a useful choice, not only because it was already mixed on the palette but also because it will subtly bind the scheme to the plague doctor. Small things linking warbands together.

And finally, a drunken Macaque! One of the weirder jobs this year. I'm choosing to assume she's a wyrd of some sort and he's her familiar. Like all animal paint jobs reference is key. Best colour option for this example is Karak Stone, highlighted with Val Deck Tan which is then used as a basecoat on the belly to lighted it. The bottles have simulations of liquid in them, achieved by basecoating in Caliban Green, shading with Val Black Green Ink and then thin Black Ink. Finally I mix the colour of the liquid with more Caliban Green and paint a horizon line parallel with the ground. fill in the bottom of the bottle and then gloss varnish. Simple enough but a decent effect.

That's all for today folks, more coming soon!


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