Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Greetings one and all, hope you had a splendid Easter break (I suspect you are grateful I didn't inflict this on you all again). We're back with a bang (but a fairly quick post) with a trio of nifty MERCS miniatures for you, first up, a man with a seriously enormous gun:

I love it when sculptors make weapons that feel like they'd work! The armoured ammo feed is a touch fiddly but well worth it. I decided to repeat the urban camo from the enforcers as this would allow the two groups to work together seamlessly. With projects like this its an advantage to allow the individual sections to be swopped around for versatility. Not always possible, but where you can, you should.

This sneaky wee chap got a replacement laspistol for the feeble pistol he was sporting and the horribly thick, almost club-like knife was thinned with files to improve the look. I figure the backpack is either some sort of stealth field or a grav-chute of some sort. Obviously it's got a purpose for the MERCS game but I've no idea what that was! I took care with these not to wash the camo fatigues with the black that was going over the armour, metal and leather. I wanted the areas of camo to shine out (bizarrely) as I knew that the models would end up very dark overall.

The final offering is a little more conventional than the others, looking like a private military contractor. There are some nice touches on this model, like the gas mask attached to his thigh or the equipment scattered over the backpack. Makes them look like soldiers. Not sure why only one sleeve is rolled up but there must be some logic there. The rubber mask is Skavenblight Dinge by the way which is a cracking colour for rubber. Use it on tyres. Looks ace.

More soon!


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