Monday, 14 April 2014

More Inq 28 Goodies

Hi folks, bit of a disjointed one for you today, four more members of various Inquisitor warbands for the Inq28 commission. Starting with one of my very favourite 40k figures:

This is the second one of these that I've painted in recent times (the first can be found here). I love this figure. It just screams "Warhammer 40,000" to me, a man whose body has been more and more replaced until the only organic component remaining is the brain and a face (fleshmask in mechanicus parlance). I used more or less the same techniques as the first one just using Val Russian Uniform green to bind him to the rest of the girls in the same warband. Speaking of the girls...

One more to add to that warband. This one a smidgeon more armoured! This fine lady is a Sister Hospitalier of the Adepta Sororitas - the Sisters of Battle. Nuns with guns in power armour effectively. This is what one of their doctors look like. I knew I wanted the green robes and was musing as to what the other colours would be. Gold seemed to be a decent bet, but what about the armour? There are three colours associated with the Sisters. Red, black and white. Red and green make for a christmas elf unless you are very careful. Black would have made for a very dark scheme and somehow didn't fit "doctor" in my mind. White it was then! Fortunately, there was rather a lot of red and black coming up to make up for picking a very tricky colour on this one.

This poor chap is a forgeworld servitor. He really isn't a tech priest. More like a walking computer strapped to a socket wrench. The Mechanicum is very fond of red so that was an easy choice and the comparative lack of detail meant red was kinda... it. I have to say, I'm not sold on this model. The spindly hand looks weak, while the trailing cables would drag in the ground. There's lots of dials and readouts but nothing seems designed to "do something". He's still a decent servitor but unlike the first cyborg in this post which has a lovely "story" and seems to "work" this one doesn't so much. Just a personal opinion.

Next up is another of Brother Vinni's Fallout inspired miniatures. This one a Brotherhood of Steel character re-purposed as a tech adept. As I've mentioned before, Brother Vinni does very well executed "inspired by" stuff and this chap is no exception. I plumbed for red and black mechanicus colours again with a splash of yellow in the power cords recharging his laser. The pipboy (a wrist mounted computer) got the best readout looking thing I could manage considering the size and with that, he was pretty much done. I've actually painted a bunch of Brother Vinni stuff this week but a lot of them are a bit too NSFW for this blog ;)

Finally we have the servo skull affectionately known in wargaming circles as the flying toilet roll holder. It is really tough to avoid that impression so I kinda just surrendered to the inevitable and made sure there was lots of script on there that the transcribing arms are writing (I figure its a stenographer) in an attempt to avert too much loo-roll-ness.

With that we are done, just a quick dash around the painting table today really! See you all later in the week.



  1. Where id you get Brother Vinni's model from? Looks amazing like the rest, but can't seem to find the model.

    1. Eyup Revan, it's well hidden but it's the Tech Wizard from their nuclear sandlot range!/Tech-Wizard/p/25324796/category=5965003