Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Victory of the Daleks!

Greetings all, remember these guys?

Well, at the same time I acquired three more to represent the three daleks featured in the ace episode "Victory of the Daleks", really, spitfires in space? How can you beat that? I did a lot of work on them at the time and then forgot about them for ages. Tonight I finished them and can share with the world!

The three daleks are composed of one of the bronze/brass Daleks up in orbit and two Daleks pretending to be "Bracewell's Ironsides". We'll look at those first:

Obviously, Black Tree's Daleks don't come with the webbing that the Ironsides have. This was added by first skimming the "striped" middle area with ProCreate to cover that up. Into the soft putty was pressed two of the triple pouches from the Space Marine Assault Squad sprue. I then added the belts by rolling thin sausages of ProCreate and then pressing them flat. I cut the buckles into the strap and then left to harden. Colours needed to be the classic British WWII vehicle green (best match is Vallejo Russian Uniform) which was then toned with a glaze of Black-green ink and a thin wash of Badab Black. The webbing was painted in English Uniform and a mix of English Uniform and Khaki.

I deliberately chose the most warped and distorted casting (gods I wish Black Tree would commission some new masters as they are the ONLY place you can get these) to be the orbital Dalek. The Doctor mentions that they are old, damaged and at the end of their rope. Thus a slightly mangled casting worked well. The colours started with a very heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz. A 50:50 mix of Tin Bitz and Dwarf Bronze followed by pure Dwarf Bronze was then drybrushed over to build up the texture and the colour. Finally a mix of Dwarf Bronze and Mithril Silver provided the high point highlighting before a glaze of Brown and Yellow ink mixed in roughly a 1:2 ratio was applied to warm and deepen the shade. Finally the "Dalek Bumps" were painted in with Vallejo Brass. Finishing touches were picking out the silver elements with chainmail and the rubber elements with Charadon Granite and washed with Badab Black.

I'm still looking for a name to call all of these film and TV models I keep painting. Small Screen Soldiers didn't work for me nor did Celluloid Champions (although that one is better). Any bright ideas?


Thanks to Pete we now have a name for the range of TV and Film inspired miniatures that I've been painting, they will now be Cathode Ray Conquerors!

For those born more recently than I you can find out what the hell a Cathode Ray is by clicking here. Thanks Pete!

Thats all for now, more harlequins before the end of the week, until then...



  1. Hah! Nice - I really like 'em! The customized Bracewell's Ironsides are inspired. Keep up the great work!

  2. Very nice! I really like those "Bracewell's", too! As for the name, how do these sound? Televisual Terrors, Brutes from the Box, Cathode Ray Conquerors, Champions of the Channels, Air-wave Wardens, Cinematic Soldiery, Swordmen of the Silver Screen, Pugnacious Players, Angry Actors, Exterminating Extras, Acting Assassins, Miniature Mimics, Threatening Thespians, Trooping Troupers or the Troupe Troop, Film's Fighters, ah, I love the smell of thesaurus in the morning! :-D

  3. You sir are a genius! I do like Cathode Ray Conquerors...