Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Greetings all! In a burst of productivity last night I added to my growing collection of movie and TV themed models with... Hellboy:

This model started out life as a Hasslefree miniatures "Harby" shown below:

I'm using the topknot alternative head and the "special" right arm. I added a couple of discs of plastic rod to the forehead to be Hellboy's ground-down horns. A sculpted mantle to his duster and the obligatory tail was also sculpted on.

The colour scheme is based on the movie version rather than the comics as the model more closely resembles the movie look. I started with the coat, a couple of thin coats of Snakebite Leather make for a clean basecoat. I added increasing amount of Bleached Bone to the Snakebite Leather for the highlights, shading was then lined in with Devlan Mud.

The skin started from Red Gore. I don't often use Red Gore for painting anything as it is somewhat irksome to use. It is weak in coverage and a bit 'rubbery' in texture. It is, however, the closest match for Hellboy's skin tone so there I went. A shading wash of Devlan Mud improved definition and then adding Blood Red made the highlights. Finally, the eyes were painted in with Tausept Ochre and pupils dotted in.

Sorry for the focus, the camera would just not resolve the red!

The clothing was one of the usual exercises in adjacent black painting. Charadon Granite for the shirt, Codex Grey for the trousers. Vallejo Leather Brown and Black for the boots and belt. A couple of coats of Badab Black darkened everything down to shades of black.

The base was a 40mm Black Cat bases offering. The feet drilled and pinned to the metal of the base insert for strength. The Tarmac was basecoated in Charadon Granite, the manhole cover was basecoated in a mix of Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal. Once everything was dry I washed it with Badab Black and waited for that to dry too. Finally I dusted the whole thing in Forgeworld Weathering Powders (new toy! New toy!), a mix of Grey Ash and Light Earth for the tarmac and Aged Rust for the manhole cover.

That's it, nothing much, just a bit of fun. I really need to come up with a snappy name for the collection of movie and tv stuff. Any ideas?



  1. Beautiful model. Thanks for the detailed run down because I will now pick this model up for my own collection.

  2. Love the paint job jeff, really good wy to create models which don't exist good find,,lthough can I askmis that the correct ratio for the horns to face?

  3. no, but the forehead was kinda cramped and I wanted to create the effect of hellboy rather than a direct copy.