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Nurgle Iron Warriors (and they are for sale!)

Army is now sold, pretty pictures only folks.
  Today I showcase one of my older armies, Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines corrupted by Nurgle and cast out of the legion as a result.

composite image

This army - as all of my armies seem to - has something of a story. This warband all fell under the sway of Nurgle, led by the sorcerer. The acquisition of a daemon weapon containing the essence of a plaguebearer sealed the deal. Soon after the warband had become marked by the plaguelord they were cast out of the Legion. Simply put, while the Iron Warriors are immune to most diseases, their mortal slaves are not. No one wants plague breaking out in crowded trenches so they could not take the risk. The Defiler followed the warband as it's slaved daemon is an old ally of the slaved daemon weapon and is waiting its chance...

This is the Terminator Lord that bears that daemon weapon. He's the standard terminator lord model with carved in lines on the axe creating a sort of cracked obsidian effect with daemon fire burning within. Painting for all these models is an earlier varient of Jeffrust which used Blazing Orange instead of Macharius Solar Orange.

The Sorcerer is a nice example of the corroded brass that goes with the rusted iron. The verdigris is again an old version using Scaley Green and Skull White. His right shoulder pad also has corruption spreading from the horn through the shoulder pad. In the army list he has the Gift of Chaos which turns people into Chaos Spawn so I needed some spawn models too:

When I was making these I followed the same advice that I always give people. Make your spawn have themes. Don't spread the tentacles across all of them, make a flaily tentacle spawn, make an insectoid spawn, make a spikey spawn etc. The fleshy spawn were splashed with blood to make them appear new grown by the raw power of chaos.

The Plague Marine units are all based on the basic marines with a few possessed marine elements thrown in for good measure. All the sergeants in the army have some possessed elements. I kept the yellow and black hatching from the Iron Warriors to keep the theme going and to contrast with the rusty metalwork. This is shown to good effect in the raptors:

I didn't like the - then metal - raptor models so I made my own! Space Marine jump packs look just fine on the Chaos Marines and worked really nicely with the hatching. Adding a spike made them look a bit more chaos-ey. These days I would probably use the older mark jump packs! Oh, and if you have never tried T5 assault marines then you really should, they are properly annoying...

And if you thought T5 Assault marines was nasty, try T6 bikers. Buah ha ha ha! These showcase the swampy basing scheme nicely. I used patches of earth and static grass with the blank sections in between covered with water effects. With the bikers I needed churning water so I used a mix of PVA and snow flock to simulate the spray and wake of the bikes. Worked quite nicely all told.

Joining the Chaos Lord are his elite Chosen Terminators. These chaps are a nightmare to take down, T5 with a 2+ save and an invulnerable save to boot? The possessed bits worked really nicely here too.

Finally we have the Defiler. This is a conversion, firstly to have twin-linked lascannon and secondly to have a third claw in place of that goofy whip it normally has. The corroded metal works really nicely and the daubed blood devotional symbols feel right for a machine that contains a daemon!

So now you are probably asking "why on earth are you selling this army Jeff?" Well, the answer is simple. I haven't used them in about five years. My devotion shifted to Orks and Blood Angels and the rusty Iron Warriors were kinda left behind. Secondly, Pirate Viking Painting will be shifting location soon and we really, really need money to get with the moving expenses. It is always sad to see an army go but in truth, I don't use them and I would like someone else to get the joy of them. So, here comes the sales pitch.

The image above shows the breakdown of the army. Points-wise the army is designed for 1500 with some additional elements to make it viable for smaller points matches (the sorcerer especially). In the breakdown you can see the totalled price of what it would cost to buy the army from scratch: £295. That doesn't include the Sorcerer as he was made up of left over parts. The eagle eyed among you will also note the cost of a figure case in there. Yes that is right, the army includes a custom cut GW figure case to contain all of these models.

I also totted up the cost of having these models painted as a commission:

  • Independent Characters (2x£30) = £60
  • Normal Painting (27x£5) = £135
  • Bikers (5x£10) = £50
  • Defiler = £50
  • Total Cost (60+135+50+50) = £295
Well, that is spooky, cost of army, £295, cost of commission painting £295... I sense a guiding hand here...

So if I was going to go for the whole cost of the army I would be charging £590. However, I want to give my loyal readers a considerable discount. I will let the entire army go for:

£375 300

Yep,  you  heard me, £375 300 for a FULLY PAINTED 1500 POINT ARMY IN CASE. And all I will ask for P&P is my normal £3.50 nothing at all. This offer will be available for 20 days, starting... now. After that I have to throw it on ebay and let bidding take its course. (Obviously if you want to spend £590 to support my wife and I then I will not object!)

I will be putting this up on the webshop tonight but if anyone is desperate for it then please send an email to pirate-viking-painting (at)


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