Friday, 17 February 2012

More Harlequins, the troupe grows...

Six more harlequins for the troupe! I took a slightly different approach this time to help variety within the squad. Lots of fades from one colour to the next.

When doing this kind of paint job do not be tempted to use a third colour as the transitional shade, mix the two colours together. I started from Sunburst Yellow over a white undercoat. Enchanted Blue was the other colour, I gradually mixed the two together and blended from yellow over to the blue. Go from bright to dark not the other way around. The mirrormask look worked particularly well on this one.

Instead of mixing colours you can use faded out washes to graduate shading. In this case Smoke Ink over red.

This harlequin shows the advantage of owning a colour wheel, blue and orange are an ideal contrast. Colour wheels help you choose which colours work together.

This bright fella shows the advantage of using neutral flat tones to contrast bright tones.

Again with classic contrasts, yellow-purple is another excellent combination. The claws were done in the same crystal scheme as the gun from the last batch. Essentially a mithril silver base coat. Heavy Blue Ink glaze and then edges and cracks picked out in a 50:50 white to silver mix. Catchlights added in white and the whole thing gloss varnished.

I've never liked Scorpion Green much but when it is glazed with a thin mix of Green Ink and Glaze Medium. it leaves a nice tone. The purple sash along with the wraithbone and emeralds bind the unit together.

As you can see, the two batches work well together because of the linking bone and purple. I've got another two batches to go before they are finished. More later!



  1. Very cool! The color fade on the Yellow/Green/Blue one is particularly nice - that's a great looking unit. Can't wait to see more - keep up the great work!

  2. I agree, the fading is great, especially on the sunburst to enchanted fella. You've done the harlequins proud.