Monday, 9 January 2012

Taming a Butterfly Brain: Resolutions

I am going to straight up steal an idea today. Dave Taylor's excellent blog has long been a source of inspiration for me and today is no different. He makes hobby resolutions at the start of a year and then checks at the start of the next year to see how many he kept. I like this idea, focus is nifty and helpful when dealing with the kind of butterfly minded creature that I am. Charlie actually talks about this in today's Beard Bunker blogpost btw.

Judge Mulder now in session...
So, the hobby resolutions for 2012 are as follows (note that these are for my personal hobby rather than client work):

  1. The Night Goblins army will be finished. Ideally in the first quarter as there really, really is not much more to do! Finished means that 2500 points will be painted and based.
  2. I will paint the 2000 point Nurgle Chaos Warriors army that is to tie into the Beard Bunker Blog's 2013 campaign.
  3. If I paint 40k stuff for myself it will be the new Imperial Guard I have waiting in the wings.
  4. I will paint my Napoleonic British army to 1000 points.
That sounds realistic. Not too ambitious. The Night Goblins are all but done just one and a half more hordes and some cool stuff. Less than it sounds. The Nurgle Chaos army is a small one as everything costs so many flamin' points! The Imperial Guard is not targetted as a points value but as a focus. If my hobby magpie pecks at 40k I will be painting Imperial Guard, that is my declaration! The Napoleonic British one is the hard resolution as that is a LOT of very complex figures. Seriously, eight white belts on every red jacket?

So with the hobby resolutions out of the way, what am I wanting to achieve with the blog in 2012?

  1. At least one post with pictures of finished work every single week. No dry spells. There will be weeks where I upload three or four times, doesn't matter. At least one in every calendar week.
  2. More full tutorials. I actually like doing them and people seem to like them. I'd like to do one every couple of months but I will resolve conservatively and say four this year. I've got one in mind on painting horses for openers...
  3. I will support the Beard Bunker with content more skewed toward gaming and practicalities of Wargaming. Pirate Viking Painting will remain a pure painting blog
 There are other things I would like to do (more reviews spring to mind) but these are the things that I will commit to. What I would like is for everyone reading this now to place a comment below. Declare just one hobby resolution before Judge Mulder and then next year we will come together to review.



  1. Oh mighty Judge Mulder...

    I make this Hobby declaration for the New Year, I will actually assemble, paint and base my Skaven in a year. I want to finish 2012 with an army I can put on the table and play a game with.

  2. Who's a pretty bandwagon? 3... 2... 1... JUMP! My new year's resolution is to actually manage to hit a damn deadline and get an Empire Battalion painted by February 7th (in time for the Battle Brothers doubles tournament in GW Oxford). Two models down, 46 to go...

  3. Right then, my first one is the same as Mr. Charlie but with Ogres instead, and my Second one is to at lest start building my Blood Angels by November.