Monday, 9 January 2012

GW, you confuse me sometimes...

I have a decent level of confusion. The subject of the confusion is Warhammer Magic Cards. I think that they are one hell of a good idea, everyone who uses them agrees. The problem is availability, today is Monday, the Vampire Cards went on advance order sale on Saturday. I go to buy them, they are sold out. Now I totally understand how the thinking was for the first sets of cards. Make them limited edition because no-one wants to be stuck with several thousand units of unsellable products. But many, many sell-out editions later it surely must be sinking in that people want these things! They are dirt cheap to mnufacture so why the hell are they limited edition?

It confuses the hell out of me why they are denying themselves the easiest add-on sale to an army book the world has seen? Their current strategy only benefits one group of customers. Those who bulk buy the cards and then sell them online at inflated prices. I am thus mystified as to why they don't just re-order and re-release when they run out? It would chop the legs from the resale market instantly and would please a load of customers, good PR and good business.

As it is I have all of the magic cards except High Elves and Vampire Counts. While I was just missing the Elves I was content to continue collecting them. Now, I don't see I'll be bothering as I can't have a complete set ever.

Confusing as hell. Anyone from GW want to comment?


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  1. That does seem to be an annoying trait they keep doing. Hopefully they release them all as one big set or something. Who knows. But, can't you order it from another online site?