Monday, 16 January 2012

Goblins of Character...

Greetings all, quite a short one this time as I only got to do a quick conversion and a single character in my weekend painting. What a character though:

This chap was the limited edition warboss figure for the 2007 White Dwarf sub-in-a-box deal. Essentially he was painted in the same way as the rank and file lads but with each shading and highlighting stage taken two or three layers higher. I'm especially happy with the tone on the face. It is my usual Night Goblin method of Knarloc Green, highlighted with Rotting Flesh and then knocked back with Thraka Green wash but this time I also mixed a little Badab Black into the Thraka Green and lined in the deep shadows. Rehighlighting (way to many gh's in that word) the model with the Knarloc and Rotting Flesh mix made the features pop and a final thin glaze of Thraka Green prevented too-pale chalkiness.

During drying stages I converted myself a Battle Standard Bearer. For an army with such a reprehensible Leadership value a BSB model is conspicuous by its absense. I started (as I normally do with BSB conversions) with a character whose weapon is already fairly appropriate in pose and size. In this case this Night Goblin shaman:

Image taken from Games Workshop for Illustrative purposes only

I then sawed off the double moon weapon head just beneath the lowest metal part. For this I used a jeweller's saw (most often called a razor saw) as this would spare both parts. Clippers would either have mashed the weapon head or the haft. I then rummaged around in my collection of plasticard rods and tubes and found a section of plastic rod of appropriate diameter. The trusty Chopper II gave me a perfect cut and so all that was needed was to pin the rod into place. I then test fitted my chosen banner - the Black Orc standard - onto the pole and snapped a quick picture before removing it to facilitate easy painting of the character!

I think it looks nicely big and imposing, good Battle Standard size. Plus the severed Beastman head will annoy one of my missus' armies! Chuckle. Welp, thats all folks, see you next time!


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