Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nurgle Warriors of Chaos (Workbench)

Greetings all, I had intended to show you some shiney new painting today but an acute attack of the lurgey has put paid to that.

Yup, Mulder and I are under the weather...

Instead - and quite fittingly - I thought you might enjoy taking a look at the work I have been doing on my fledgling Nurgle Chaos Warrior army. This is a project in conjunction with the Beard Bunker and most of the WIP work will be going there but I shall share the finished models with you all too. Without further ado, here we go:

The two chaos warrior units in the army are both 14 strong with a space for a character. I wanted them to be really, really nurgle. In fact I wanted the whole army to feel old school Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness style. To achieve this I went in and attacked every armour plate and weapon with my wannabe dremel to create pitting in the surface that the Jeffrust would make into corroded wrecks. The second quick element was adding some Puppetswar rotting warrior heads to five of the unit. They are pictured below:

contrast messed with to help visibility.
These should give the old school "gifts of the gods" look I wanted. To help the nurgle vibe even more I converted the command group to have appropriate toys. Lets start with the champion:

A quick conversion this, just a couple of quick slices with my trusty Chopper II and an Empire Flagellent scythe became the highly appropriate weapon of an aspiring champion of Nurgle.

The musician was made by combining a cut down standard pole with a plague monk gong and a standard top. Swopping out the weapon head for a plague monk drumstick end made for a nice looking Nurgle musician. A dolorous tolling of a terrible gong made for a more Nurgle feel than a horn. The next unit will have a drum.

Finally the standard bearer had the top of his banner pole extended by about 3/4" and a 40k Chaos Marine Nurgle icon added. Really sets off the banner and pledges their alleigance most firmly.

While we are talking standards, this is for the Marauder horde I am going to use. The horde (50 strong) is going to be a ragged crusade of a mixture of warbands drawn together under one ruler. If you are curious the backstory for this army is on the Beard Bunker. There will be converted flagellents, plague monks, beastmen, a corpse cart and some mantic ghouls as they look like nutters. I wanted the standard bearer to be a walking scripture bearer and I think the model captures that nicely. Handily the Flagellent box includes all sorts of wacky stuff to make for dynamic and crazy looking cultists.

While I was playing with flagellents I decided to make 4 mutants, I thought that 4 in a unit of 50 would be enough to give a "gifted by chaos" feel without making the unit overloaded with mutants.

This fellow is bursting with tentacles. Decided to use a blinded head as though he now uses the tentacles to feel his way like a squishy Blind Pew.

By comparison he got off light.

The last mutant is also the most disturbing. Something about a sinuous neck always freaks me out. Obviously all of these need some liquid green stuffing to smooth out the joins. I always liked how the chaos rewards were always so random. To the chaos gods there is no difference between a third nostril, super strength and the ability to smell colours. They are all gifts.

Anyway, my diseased ramblings are becoming more random. Fare thee well all, I have an appointment with a duvet and mucho orange juice. I leave you with an image of the failed aspiring champion I will have leading the marauders:



  1. Would you be able to drop me a link to where I can buy those nurglified heads?? My chaos fantasy army that I will shortly begin building will be all nurgle and they will be absolutely perfect!

  2. I agree with oink, the heads make for a great addition to the unit. They definitely give them a Nurgle feel... especially the fly headed one.


    From the Warp


    Sorry fellas! Supposed to be hyperlinked in the text but my nurgle addled brain failed me!

  4. Looking good jeff, liking the feel of th models, and ver interested to see how your armour comes out.