Wednesday, 5 October 2011

100 Posts! Warmachine Trenchers

Whoa! All of a sudden there are a century of posts on Pirate Viking Painting, thanks to all of you for sticking with me and I am looking forward to the next hundred. As a linked thing we currently have 90 followers, in honour of our 100th post I am announcing that there will be a prize draw for followers when we hit our 100th follower. So if you haven't already done so follow the blog to be in with a chance of winning. The prize will be a your choice of character model (from your collection I'm afraid, can't afford to buy you a model!) painted for free by me and posted to wherever you are!

So what is the subject of our centenial post? Warmachine Trenchers:

The Trenchers one of two "massed" (as massed as Warmachine gets) infantry units planned for my Cygnar army, the other is Long Gunners. I wanted these guys to fit in with the colour scheme for Captain Caine:

Which I characterise as Steampunk Great War. The colour scheme is based around Vallejo English Uniform, with khaki straps and brown leather. A tip for anyone making these models is that the join between the backpack and body is terrible, a tiny contact area and an ill fitting sculpt. The solution is to use green stuff as a pad to improve the fit. The adhesive properties of the green stuff allow the backpack to stick and the flexible putty forms a perfect join.

As an experiment to celebrate the 100th post I decided to try something new, a step by step animation of how I painted these figures:

Click on the image to load the gif file, it is a fairly large one but give it time, best plan is to right click and "save target as" then open the file. The only view you can't see is the back so I've included a pic of the cool backpack and leather trenchcoat:

Something I am very happy about is the way the bases are looking en masse. Makes the extra work worthwhile, something I would not do to a mass army system but for a skirmish system like Warmachine it is perfect. When the bases are all together they do look just like a forest floor, just how I wanted it.

That's all for today folks, here's to post 101 and the future. Remember, when we hit 100 followers someone will win something cool looking!


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