Friday, 30 September 2011

Myrmidon Space Marines (FoPVP)

Greetings all, today we take another look at some work by a Friend of Pirate Viking Painting: Jen Truby. Jen is an amazing painter and I'm looking forward to showing you all some of her 54mm work but for today it is her Space Marines: The Myrmidons

For those without a classical education: The Myrmidons were the elite fighters who led by Achilies and who were instrumental in the fall of Troy. From the picture above it might not seem like there is much Greek imagery on this chap, but take a look at the other side:

Every model in Jen's army sports Greek Key designs and lightning flashes which are easier to see on her Captain:

How cool is he? The classic spear and round shield combo of a greek phalanx combined with the ability to fly into combat, but look carefully under the jump pack and you will see the coolest part of this model:

She can field him without the pack by just lifting it off! Jen hollowed out the jump pack so it would fit over the normal marine pack. Now she did this a while ago but wouldn't you know it? It is the exact same method that THQ used to give Captain Titus a jump pack in their Space Marine game. I had to chuckle.

A look from the front of the shield shows how effective the Greek Key design is and how precisely it has been  applied. Next time we have a look at the Myrmidons we'll check out the terminators and dreadnought. For now though we will leave them. A final note, I have set up a group on Flickr called Friends of Pirate Viking Painting. I invite everyone to put up their favourite models on there and share their work! Especially anyone who likes to digitally sign their work. Games Workshop recently removed ALL of my pictures from their Flickr group for having the temerity to have a logo on them. Ho hum! Click on the picture below and you will be digitally transported to the group.



  1. I know this is thread necromancy from 5 years ago, but any idea where that helmet came from? I must have it!

    1. If memory serves, she sculpted it. Used a space marine helmet as an armature. Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but there you have it!