Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Jen Truby's 54mm Miniatures (FoPVP)

Last time we had a look at Jen's work it was her Myrmidon Space Marines. Today we have a look at some of her best work, her 54mm Inquisitor miniatures:

Now I don't know much about these figures (hoping to get a few details from her later this week so just feast your eyes on these and enjoy:

I just love the skin tone that she achieved on this figure. Really, really smooth blending.

This figure I know is a conversion of the Barbaretta Inquisitor figure, the scanner in her hand is a 28mm scale space marine auspex and works perfectly at this larger scale.

This is a WIP picture, all that is finished is the head. But what a head! Jen really pulled all the stops out on this one.

The rich purple works so well against the bone and grey.

Never thought that glossy dark red would work! Proved wrong eh?

Now I have regularly told Jen that she is Golden Demon level, she is way to modest to agree. Tell her would you internet?



  1. HOLY **** those are gorgeous and most certainly Golden Demon level

  2. Wow, very nice. What models did you use to make the Dark Eldar at the top? Great paint jobs.

  3. The first model there is Freya from Nocturna models - with a significant amount of green stuff! It actually belongs to Charlie Brassley (was hiding in my display cabinet, because he ran out of space in his own).
    The second is my own first inquisitor scale model - and fisrt big greenstuff project.
    The third (the head) is Red Huntress, again from Nocturna. The hair is greenstuff, as is her entire outfit, which isn't painted yet.
    Thanks for the compliments!