Saturday, 8 October 2011

Imperial Guard Vehicles (FoPVP)

Greetings all, I thought we'd delve back into the treasure trove of the Friends of Pirate Viking Painting and check out some of Maisey's (Stephen Dipper - but no-one calls him that) Imperial Guard vehicles, kicking off with his Valkyrie:

I love this model at the best of times but the desert tan colour scheme combined with those little flashes of red really make it pop. Maisey went to great lengths to paint the interior and all of the doors and gunners operate:

A good general tip is on display here, military vehicles are rarely painted the same colour both inside and out, a nice light neutral tone (I will often use Gretchin Green) will give the interior some interest and allow a bright contrast to what can often be quite dowdy Guard vehicles.

The ground-based armour is no less attractive, again, painting the ammo box of the heavy stubber green is appropriate. Take a look at armour deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, the vast majority of the vehicle will be sand coloured but the small add ons - ammo, jerry cans etc - will often be standard green.

This vehicle was an experiment for Maisey in using Forgeworld weathering powders, the rust, soot and dirt were all applied using the ground pigments. Mig and AK47 Interactive also do these powders.

Maisey also has traitor versions of his Guard, this Hellhound allowed him to really go to town on the weathering powders.

The soot around the barrel of the flame cannon is particularly effective. The hastily applied Chaos stars are a nice touch too, they make it seem like the vehicle has recently rebelled and the crew have applied field markings to identify them as servants of the Dark Gods.

I adore the design of the new hellhound, the barrels of fuel look wonderful and the feed pipes are wonderful. Maisey has made good use of the weathering powders to heavily rust the exposed metalwork.

Well, that's all for today folks, see you next time!


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