Saturday, 2 April 2011

Death Korps Horde!

Remember this picture?

And how I said I was really looking forward to turning into a painted version? Well wait no longer because here it is!

Yep! Every single Death Korps lasgunner is painted, with the grenadiers also finished and the majority of the heavy and special weapons done, the project is fast approaching completion. With only "fun stuff" remaining (some heavy weapons, lots of characters) there should be more blog entries about them too! Glad I've got them sorted because the mass effect is quite something.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that the colours have come out a lot better this time. This is because I have a new toy! (Squee!) It is a Fuji Finepix S1800 that I cheekily pinched from my father when he upgraded to a new model. This thing is the bees knees, elbows and nostrils. As it comes with the proper collar for filters and magnifying lenses I thought I would try re-shooting one of the models that I was most disapointed with the photo shoot. The Blood Angels Librarian. Check out the original shoot first.

Now, the new pictures:

How much better are they? The colours are more vibrant and you can even see the marbling on the staff! I will be playing with my new toy some more to try and get the best out of it but I think Pirate Viking Painting just got a whole lot shinier! Till next time...



  1. The new pictures of the Librarian look awesome! The old photos did the model no justice. This might just have prompted me to get a new camera.

  2. Big improvement on the pics there mate.

    Well done on the Deth Korps! Im repainting all mine at the momment and know how much of a slog it can be!

  3. The librarian looks superb, big fan of the face - the dark skin tone and the eyes, great job!