Sunday, 17 April 2011

Death Korps: the home straight!

Greetings all! Thought I would post the new Death Korps pics since they represent the last of the non-character infantry. Everything from here on in (about 12 models) is what I term "the fun stuff" and is a reward for finishing all the rank and file. So without further ado, here's the new stuff!

These are the two comm-link operators for the command squads, love how much character they have. Note the bronze "C" shield on the shoulder armour indicating their status.

The last of the Heavy Bolter teams, this one wasn't assembled when I painted the others. It is by far my favourite of the teams. Really conveys a sense of soldiering, ie. 90% walking, 10% blind terror! These guys show the 90%.

The missile launchers are both conversions, one from the Cadian sprue and one from the old Steel Legion metal guardsmen. In fact the fellow holding the next round is a Steel Legion guardsman. This created something of a problem. Usually you would paint a unique figure in the army to stand out and draw attention. Trouble is that would just make this chap look out of place. As such I had to choose and place the colours to blend him in to the Death Korps as seamlessly as possible. The face has had the bare minimum of painting so as to not draw attention to the fact that this would be the only model in the army that you can see eyes on!

My previous post featuring the Grenadiers was focussed on the lasgun armed Grenadiers. This time I have completed the special weapons, the heavy flamers and of course, the sergeants! The sergeants are the dangerous looking chaps above. They show how effectively simply changing the position of the arms make identical models take on a very different character.

Nothing much to report on the special weapon Grenadiers. The burning at the end of the flamer nozzles and the meltagun barrels was achieved with sequential drybrushes of Vermin Brown, Scorched Brown and Chaos Black. This gives a nice convincing sooty look. Slightly more involved than these guys were the heavy flamer squads...

Any Ork player's worst nightmare!

These are tricky to assemble to say the least. The connections between the different fuel tanks are made from resin tubes that come cast in straight lines. This means that you have to soften the resin in hot water, bend it to the required shape and then plunge it into cold water to set it in place. My DKK client had already assembled two of them and had clearly thought (as I confess I had) "sod that" and replaced them with thick wire. I gratefully followed suit:

Much easier to pull off and once painted they look like rubber hoses. Just make sure to use thick wire.

The rubber is my usual Charadon Granite with Badab Black wash.

With that I can see the light at the end of the Death Korps tunnel (and it is a heavy flamer). There will be lots of character posts over the next few weeks then it is delivery day! Till then,


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