Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Grotz, grotz, luvverly grotz

Greetings one and all, today we're painting something I've not touched in years. It's Orks!

Well, grotz, but there's a Runtherd there so it totally counts! These are a new commission that might mean a few Bad Moons infesting our once puritan Blood Axe pages. Sheesh, these flash gitz, comin' over 'ere, takin' our pages...

We'd best start with the Ork, be just plain wrong if a grot got top billing. Given that the colours have changed since I last painted an Ork I needed to re-discover a scheme I liked. As Orks tend to be darker than the grotz, I figured starting from the prophetically named Waaargh Flesh (much nicer colour once it has a wash of Biel-tan green on there) made sense. Because there should be a spectrum of colour to greenskins rather than two different ones I decided that Warboss Green and Skarsnik Green would join Waargh Flesh as the trio of greenskin colours. The Orks get highlighted with warboss green over the waaargh flesh with a little skarsnik green if needed. The grots start from Warboss green and go up.

Being Bad Moons, the general scheme is a nice strong yellow and black. The yellow is handled by my normal Averland Yellow, black is my "german grey and black wash". The weapons all get the new version of Jeffrust which just replaces my old colours with the fantastic Ammo acrylic rust colours.

I'd forgotten how much fun Ork stuff is. Looking forward to getting my paws on some more.

TTFN folks.


  1. Gotta love grots. They just look impossible to play without adopting a silly voice.

  2. Very nice painting on this unit - I really like that mustard yellow, & the Orkoid skin tones look brilliant.