Sunday, 24 May 2015

We are 5 today!

When I was posting yesterday's blog entry I was thinking "23rd May... isn't that around the time of year that I forget that it was PVP's birthday?". So I checked and yes, yes it is, today in fact. So happy birthday PVP! Somehow it's been five years (and 399 posts including this one. Have to think of something for post 400). I usually do a little Dress-a-Mulder image to celebrate these things and today is no exception:

In Britain five years old is when you start school so off Mulder goes. Just William cap and all. I've got nothing profound to say. Just somehow five years went by.
"What was that?"
"Five years mate"
"Jeez, going a bit fast wasn't it? Kill someone at that speed"

So until next time with shiny models, treat yourself to some cake to celebrate with us.



  1. Tempus Fudgit.

    I remember the first time I met you in GW Oxford. Now that feels like a loooooong time ago.

    1. I know right? I'd transferred to Swindon about at least a year before I'd even moved to Cardiff so it must have been 6-7 years!

  2. Congrats, looking forward to the 400th post giveaway(?) Ha Ha. Keep up the good stuff, and better luck with progressing the Thunderbolts!