Sunday, 10 May 2015

Imperial Guard! Flags! People Holding Them!

Yes, I'm running short of titles for DKK posts.

Today we've got some shiny, shiny banners and some very normal DKK dudes holding them. These are all part of the mopping up project finishing off the client's DKK collection. The dudes are pretty much normal as per previous posts:

Perfectly normal dudes for reference
I've done some minor modifications as per client instructions, mostly small posing changes, goggles on helmet etc.

The banners are mishmashes of Imperial Guard flags, Empire finials and "dangley bits", one of them is a straight up Empire banner. The one above is just the army colours and my faux NMM gold.Getting happier with it as I go. Still not a fan of NMM in general but on cloth, it works really well.

The next two have more work involved in them. The flag on the left had a Cadian Gate on it. Client asked for it to be removed and replaced with an Armageddon style fist. Twenty minutes with a Dremel and a couple of hours with ProCreate and a new flag is born. The one on the right is totally freehand. The horses tail is less stubby than it looks in the picture. The black shows through the yellow with the lighting.

So, all done! There'll be more DKK before we're done (again) but for now



  1. The limited colour palette works very well. I've never seen it done with banners before, but the result is stunning.

    1. I tend to do it with all the banners I do, promote the spot colour to a greater prominence but otherwise just the colours from the army. Helps the whole force hang together.