Thursday, 28 May 2015

Post 400! And a Golden Daemon!

Good grief, somehow this is the 400th post. These things creep up on you don't they? First of all, thank you to all who read the mad ramblings of a bloke in Cardiff painting little plastic mans. Second of all, I thought I'd treat myself to an otherwise pointless but enjoyable model:

Yep, it's the only Golden Daemon I'm ever likely to see! This was the - can you believe - 2006 Golden Daemon model (I worked that one as well), the severed head is the Golden Daemon that decorated the lovely paint sets that were the first I ever owned:

To my delight he's on the modern ones too! My nostalgia circuitry was well and truly tickled. Anyway, I am using this as part of Project RPG as a Dwarf Barbarian, an apparently rather successful one. Oddly enough, this model has one brilliant element and one slightly dodgy one so lets focus on the good bit first:

The extremely nifty severed Golden Daemon head. the puddle of blood comes sculpted on so subtlety is right out the window on this one. There was only one colour that I could possibly paint this daemon: Gold, of course. I used the pseudo-NMM method I usually use on cloth in order to avoid him looking like a Simpson's character. I was especially taken by the black eye, it hasn't photographed terribly well but the sculpt is lovely.

Sadly the Dwarf wasn't quite as well sculpted (sadly at the time limited edition models were often ones that had either failed "gold testing" - i.e. they just ate moulds - or were training models and the like. These days things are much better) so I just did a fairly basic job on him and allowed the eye to find the daemon head instead. There isn't a huge amount to say about him that hasn't been said on other slayer models so I'll talk briefly about blood. The axe was layers of thin streaks of Blood For The Blood God with increasing amounts of black ink mixed in. For the base I also added a glaze of my older red & chestnut ink mix to the groundwork.

And there you go! Something fun for the 400th post. Here's to many, many more. Next time it will be more thunderbolt progress (they're really coming on now).



  1. Looks great! Certainly is a walk down memory lane!

  2. Nice. Its certainly a very characterful sculpt.


      The interweb is full of coincidences.

    2. Ha! No way! Gotta love the intertubes