Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Men In Beige

Hi folks, got a quick one for you today, I'm definitely back to work 'cos I've had DKK on my painting table ;)

These fine looking Men In Beige are part of the ever growing horde of Death Korps of Krieg featured in previous posts. This time they came fixed to nifty Scibor resin bases for added oomph. The DKK from Forgeworld really are a consistently good model range, I've painted a bunch of them and they're now my favourite guard models. Easy to paint with their total lack of skin, atmospheric gas masks and trench-coats and best of all - on the ordinary infantry - weapons that feel a little more in scale than the norm. Great range and always a pleasure to paint.

This fine fellow for example shows just how nicely resin can give us slight undercuts and thin casts on the cloth that is really tough in metal (undercuts chew moulds and thin metal bends and tears) and damn near impossible in plastic without the most careful planning and cutting before moulding (the steel moulds that plastic is made from cannot release undercuts). That coat, in particular is a lovely piece of work. Plus the stance just oozes character despite not being able to see the face.

I've talked quite a bit about painting these guys in this scheme over the years but in the intervening time since I painted the first lot and now the paint range changed... Mercifully the replacements for the colours I was using are close enough that you really can't see too much of a difference, the brown is a little more saturated than the old Khemri Brown and the green a little paler perhaps. But not enough to make a difference, besides compared to space marines where the colour is really in your face and thus makes tiny changes in hue really noticeable, guard uniforms can vary a little without trouble.

So there you go, not a lot of content this time but some pretty pictures. Happy painting folks and


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